BackerKit – What is it and what is the benefit?

In short:

  • You will get an email from “Clemens & Christoph – CinkS labs” with a unique link for each backer to start your survey
  • Check your pledge level and shipping country
  • Answer some questions about what you like to get
  • (Optional) Select as many Add-Ons as you like and purchase it with your credit card– Enter your credit card information for the add-ons
  • Enter your shipping information address
  • Confirm all your information
  • It´s done…now lean back and we will do the rest.


In less short:

BackerKit is a platform, specialized in helping crowdfunding campaigns. Backer can easily manage their pledges, purchase add-ons and edit their mailing address. Our advantage is the best cover from survey to shipping. With BackerKit you get the best effort to receive your product.


How does it work?

A couple of days after the campaign is over, BackerKit will email a unique link to each backer. You will not need to create an account. Backers will immediately see their pledge amount and pledge details from our campaign.

Please check your spam folder.

The email comes from “Clemens & Christoph – CinkS labs” and should look something like that:

The link in the email directs you to the survey page, which should look something like this:

Please check your shipping country and your Pledge Level and continue with the “Get Started!”-Button.


(Optional) – Do you like to change your Pledge Level?
You can change your pledge level by clicking on the tiny blue link “switch your pledge level”. When everything looks fine, you can click the “Get Started!” button.


Answer a few questions about your pledge level

The next step depends on what you exactly pledged for. Some of you might not need to answer these questions. They can start with the section “Add-Ons”.

If you pledged for “The Milky Way in a Sphere – LED Base Set” for example, your page should look like this:

You must decide which base you like to get together with your LED-plate. After you select one and click on the “Next” button on the bottom of the page, you get to the next question and so on.

The following questions may occur:

  • Which base should stand on your LED Base plate? – All LED Sets. (free of charge)
  • Which base should stand on your 2nd LED Base plate? – LED Bundle Set (free of charge)
  • Which combination of spheres do you like to get? – All Bundle Sets (free of charge)
  • Do you wish to upgrade to a LED Base Plate or/and a Base „Fitting“? – All Sets without LED (additional charge)
  • Do you want to add a „Pocket Milky Way“? (additional charge)
  • Do you wish to upgrade to a 2x LED Base Plate or/and a 2x Base „Fitting“? (additional charge)



If you like to order some additional items, this is the moment. It is as easy as an online shop. You can look for an item you like to order, click “Add to Cart” and you will instantly see it on the right side. Some items need additional shipping costs. You can see it in the section “Shipping Total”.  We calculate an additional shipping cost for additional spheres and bases per weight and small items (e.g. USB power supply, LED-Base Plate, Pocket Milky Way) by count (first 10 items no shipping).

After you´ve added all the items you like to order, you can see an overview of your pledge level, all add-ons, shipping costs and the outstanding balance on the right side of the page. If you over pledged via Kickstarter, you will see your credit there too.

After clicking the “Next” button, you will get to the next step. “Shipping”



Please enter your shipping address as exact as possible. Our estimated shipping date is the end of July.

You can change your address until the end of June.



After you confirmed your information you’re almost done. If you ordered Add-ons, we must collect the money via Credit Card.

Of course, BackerKit does not have your credit card information from Kickstarter. We ask for your understanding that these data must be entered again.

Your credit card will be charged on 1st July.


You are done… 😀


The Review Page

Here you can look up all your information. You can change your shipping address, edit all the add-ons, change your credit card information or edit your answers to the pledge level questions.

Share it

If you like our campaign and how we try to make you happy, we would be grateful if you share your feelings with us. This will also help other backers to get more trust if they don’t know Kickstarter or BackerKit or even us (Clemens & Christoph – CinkS labs)

Tracking Numbers

After the Big Bang happened, we will provide you with your tracking number. If your pledge level or your add-ons contain bases, LED-plates, pocket versions or USB power supplies, you will most likely get two packages.

We will ship in two cycles. First the Spheres and some weeks later all the other items.

Need help or have some question?

We hope this FAQ will answer the most of your questions. If not, Backerkit will answer the first 500 support cases for us for free. After that, we have to pay $1 for each question, so please double read this “How To” and our FAQ first, before emailing BackerKit.