In short: Hi, The 6000 blank Spheres will arrive in 2-3 weeks The Paypal payment request will need 1-2 more weeks Still missing 250 Survey answers Please no more“ when will I get my Sphere?“ mails 😉 In less short: Hi everyone, Sorry for waiting so long with another Update, but I wanted to write one, when there is something to tell. In the meantime I had to answer quite alot…ALOT of mails, but the most of you did very well on my survey 🙂 thank you for that.   News: The best thing first, the 6000 blank Spheres full of empty space will arriveRead More →

…and bring the survey around the globe. They will tell you to go to my website and to fill out the Backer Survey, after that, you copy the generated code into the Kickstarter Survey and fill out your postal information. If you want to „order“ more than you pledged, you will get a PayPal request with the difference amount of money. One advise…I really prefer the darker bases, because of less reflections, so think twice before choosing a white polyamid base. You can also get a good overview in my „Product Overview Video“ on the website or if you click on „add Base“ at theRead More →