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Human Cell - CinkS labs GmbH
Human Cell - CinkS labs GmbH
Human Cell - CinkS labs GmbH

Human Cell

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The 15 cm Sphere and 10 cm Cube are not in stock at the moment and will be lasered upon order. They will be ready to ship in approx. 7 days after ordering.


Your cells are essentially the building blocks of your body. They provide structure take in nutrients from food and convert those nutrients to energy along with performing other specialized functions. Every one of your cells contains your body’s hereditary material and can be used for things like DNA testing genotyping and determining genetic history. Within each cell are subcellular structures called organelles which perform specific functions for the cell such as storing chemical energy and genetic information. In our detailed glass models these organelles can actually be seen. You’ll be able to identify:

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus

- Glass in chosen variant
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