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Plankton Calanoida - CinkS labs GmbH
Plankton Calanoida - CinkS labs GmbH

Plankton Calanoida

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Plankton are very small organisms that drift in the water without any significant movement of their own and form the food basis for most maritime life. Organisms that can move are called Nekton.
There are animal (zooplankton) plant (phytoplankton) bacterial (bacterioplankton) and fungal (mycoplankton) plankton.

In this cube a well-known species of zooplankton is shown the plankton Calanoida of the family Calanoida.
This family is the most species-rich group with 13000 morphospecies and represents the largest part of marine zooplankton.

It also reminds very much of the villain Sheldon J. Plankton of the popular series Spongebob SquarePants