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Medium Cube Bundle

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This Item is currently out of stock, but already being reproduced. It is still available for pre-order and will fulfilled as the first items are being finished. Depending on our number of orders, pre-orders will usually go out within the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Bundle of 9 individual Medium Cubes (7x7x7cm) presented in a gift box.

    Medium Cube 1: Erythrocytes
    Medium Cube 2: A Human Cell
    Medium Cube 3: Neuronal Cell
    Medium Cube 4: SARS-CoV 2
    Medium Cube 5: HIV
    Medium Cube 6: Bacteriophage
    Medium Cube 7: Helicobacter pylori + Bacteriophages
    Medium Cube 8: Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
    Medium Cube 9: Water Bear

    - 9x Medium glass cubes
    - 9x Gift Boxes
    - 9x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth