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The Milky Way in a Cube - CinkS labs GmbH
The Milky Way in a Cube - CinkS labs GmbH
The Milky Way in a Cube - CinkS labs GmbH

The Milky Way in a Cube

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Our home Galaxy the Milky Way...

More than 200,000,000,000 stars forming this tremendous swirl of suns, planets, and gases. With a diameter of 200,000 Lightyears, meaning a journey at the speed of light for two-hundred thousand years from one end to the other, we can only dream of traveling through it.

To even visit our nearest neighbor star Alpha Centauri would take you more than 4 years at the speed of light. The ISS with its 7.6km/s would even take 160,000 years.

So, probably the best way for you to experience the beauty and the size of a Galaxy is to gaze into this cube for hours, imagining how small we are.

Within this solid glass cube, 200,000 precisely lasered dots map our Galaxy, the Globular Clusters and the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy in an astonishing precision. Such a detail can only be found in our glass products from the original Milky Way in a Sphere Kickstarter Campaign in 2018 that you can only get here. 

-900 g Optical grade Borosilicate Glass
-7x7x7 cm 
-200.000 lasered dots

-1x Milky Way in a Cube
-1x Gift box
-1x Cleaning Towel