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The Pocket Universe - CinkS labs GmbH
The Pocket Universe - CinkS labs GmbH

The Pocket Universe

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The Cosmic Web

This is a tiny 3x3x3 cm pocket version of the Universe Cube.

The structure of the universe, but still only a small fraction of the whole. 380,000 galaxies, 250 Megaparsec (815,000,000 light-years) in diameter. Scientists used measurements and simulations to find out, that our universe is structured like that.

Every tiny dot represents one whole galaxy, like our Milky Way!

The size alone is unimaginably large. Behind every single point are up to several hundred billion stars, each with potential planets. Nuts.

We might only be an atom in a way larger structure...

-65 g Optical grade Borosilicate Glass
-3x3x3 cm 
-380,000 lasered dots

-1x Pocket Universe
-1x Gift box

LED-Bundle (optional)
-1x LED Baseplate